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Please note: PROGUTTER scrapers are designed only for clearing debris out of the style of guttering the scrapers are made for and are a universal fit to each style. We cannot take responsibility for misuse.

Never force the scraper by pulling when in use.

When using our PROGUTTER scrapers always follow your own health and safety procedures.

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Gutter scrapers

A large proportion of both residential and commercial buildings have gutters, and most of them need cleaning consistently and we store without doubt the safest and most efficient gutter cleaners available on the market. We have a wide variety of attachments available so you can fit whichever one necessary on the end of your pole, so you have gutter cleaning equipment for whatever the weather brings.


At all times of the year, your gutters can get blocked rapidly due to moss from roof tiles and leaves falling down onto the roof. When this blockage builds up, it can inhibit water from draining away naturally thus leading to overflowing gutters and in some extreme cases, damp. This is why it is vital to have some gutter cleaner at hand!


Our innovative gutter cleaning equipment has been expertly designed so that little effort is needed to be made, and you can successfully remove the debris allowing your gutters free to drain as and when they need to. We have a range of products and a variety of scrapers that can connect to any lightweight, aluminium telescopic pole enabling you to hook over the edge of the gutter for quick and easy cleaning.


The Professional gutter cleaning equipment range has been designed to be the best yet and is moulded in a high performance plastic composite; keeping their unique design, is light weight, strong and durable to give the ultimate gutter cleaner performance.


This expedient process allows you to stay in the same position, eliminating the need to move your ladder all around your property.


We offer free postage and packaging to all UK and Northern Ireland residents when delivering our gutter scrapers so our customers receive the best possible deals when shopping with us.

Gutter Cleaning Equipment

The PROGUTTER scrapers

has been designed to make cleaning gutters above conservatories, porches and hard to access areas easy.

Our gutter cleaning scrapers have been designed to fit under roof tiles and to miss the gutter securing clips.



instructions of use.

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Cleaning gutters from the ground using

     a                            angle adapter

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Allowing you to clear your gutters from the ground

Ideal for clearing low level guttering

Attach a PROGUTTER scraper to the angle adapter and tighten it to your chosen position

Screw the angle adapter directly onto a painters/decorators style telescopic pole

Place the gutter scraper carefully into the gutter then simply pull the debris along the guttering to a location for safe and easy collection

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Angle adapters are assembled using stainless steal bolts and moulded in nuts.

angle adapter with arrows


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